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Roof Fixing Supplies product “Stormseal”is a non flammable polyurethane water based bitumen impregnated foam, designed to seal all the ridge and perimeter of Australian tile and steel roofs. Stormseal has inbuilt adhesion qualities, and holds the tile and metal down to all surfaces. Stormseal has an indefinite shelf life, when stored in closed cartons. There is a range of shapes, to suit many applications. Most products come in a two metre length or bird proofing shapes for individual roof tiles.

Stormseal provides a tradesman finish to the roofing tile valley and is both economical and a maintenance-free finish. The Stormseal stops birds and vermin entering through the roofline. Stormseal has unique inbuilt adhesion, which holds the valley cuts in place and will direct the heavy rainfall down the valley iron and around all “dog legs”.

Valley Image


Stormseal should be fitted when the valley tiles are being cut. Stormseal should be laid on the valley to a recessed line - say 20mm, under the finish cut valley tiles.

Alternative finishes can be achieved by painting the Stormseal with a premium plastic roof paint or by using a pointing mix, which will adhere to the Stormseal shape and provide a traditional finish. On steep roofs, the Stormseal valleys can be cut closer to improve the aesthetic appearance of the roof.

Valley Image

Bird & Vermin Proofing

The nesting habits of Australian birds can be studied with interest for many hours, providing your home is not becoming their home!

Birds nesting in the roof, can cause sleepless nights with constant noise, blocks down pipes, cause fire hazards and create unpleasant odors. Stormseal has been designed and manufactured to stop the unwanted entry of birds and vermin into the roofline. When placed on the eave line, or under the tiles or in any gap in the roof being the ridgeline or the gable verge, Stormseal will prevent the birds from entering the roofline.

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Metal Roofing, Capping & Skylights

Stormseal can be installed to both sides of the metal ridge. Stops wind driven rain, dust and flying vegetation, and the ghastly rattles. Stormseal is ideal for sealing around skylights.

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