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Roof Tilers Equipment

Put Them Up

Continuous belt elevator with reversible function available.

Picture of tile cutter.

Cut Them Up

The Cutting Machine - 15kg

  • Available in chisel or chisel & wheel model.
  • The body is longer with wide feet, giving more stability, with no batten hook required.
  • The rubber tread on the feet, gives more grip.
  • Adjustment chisel screw. No packing required when the chisel wears.
  • The chisel and wheel are both flame hardened, giving a longer life.
  • Other parts available are a drop tray & hook.

Picture of bedding frame.

Bed Them Straight

  • Bedding Frames.
  • Four sizes available.
  • Made from aluminium and galvanized tubing. Light to handle.
  • No Flex.
  • Rubber tape stops slippage.
  • Hoops are galvanized adjustable rounds.

Picture of gutter guard.

Stop Bruising the Guttering!

The gutter guard, guards against damage to the guttering From ladders and other materials being lent against the Guttering. WARNING this is a gutter protector only.

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